1. #birthdayboy #papillon 😚😚


  2. 4-1⚽. #champions 😚


  3. 🎥🎬 with les plus beaux!!! ♡ (à imax, Morocco Mall)

  4. My babies

  5. Hottest mum ever!!

  6. katypetra:

    Favorite Singers: Beyoncé [5/5]

    You know what, I’m very attracted to someone who makes me laugh and is that charming. Really, I could be charmed by anyone. I’m just a sucker for somebody that is charming.


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  7. mirahxox:


    It’s like they’re the same person

    I can’t get over how cute this is.

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  8. #oscars #wolfofwallstreet #greatgatsby . If Leonardo Dicaprio doesn’t get one, i’mma die crying 😭🔫🎬🎥 (à Al Akhawayn university)


  9. #oscars #wolfofwallstreet #thegreatgatsby . If Leonardo Dicaprio doesn’t get one i’mma dye crying. (à Al Akhawayn university)


  10. 😚👄 #🐤face (à AUI Library)

  11. I look so good tonight, god damn god damn!! #beyonce #stillnottiredofit #songofmylife #flawless ♀ A feminist: a person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes. We fucking flawless :)


  12. 🐟🌊🍻👌😢 (à Les jardins de la lagune, Oualidia)